The Use of Agrobacterium sp.I3 and Compost as Chelator Combined by NPK Fertilizer and Mendong Plant (Fimbristylis sp.) in Bioremediation of Paddy Soil Contaminated by Lead (Pb)



     Industrial waste supplies heavy metals such as Pb which will lead pollution in paddy fields. Remediation of paddy soil contaminated by Pb heavy metal must be done by simple, environmental friendly, cheap and sustainable technology, that is bioremediation. The purpose of this study was to study the effectiveness of bioremediation using Agrobacterium sp I3 and compost as chelator combined by mendong plant and NPK fertilizer, and learn the ability of mendong in absorbing metal soil Pb. This study was field experiment, had a factorial patern, using Completly Randomized Block Design as the base design,  with three factors: (1) NPK fertilizers (P0: no NPK fertilizers, P1: with NPK fertilizers), (2) Chelator (K0: no chelator; K1: with chelator Agrobacterium sp I3 ; K2: with chelator compost); and (3) Plant (T0: without plant; T1: with Mendong plant). The results showed that Agrobacterium sp I3 and compost were increasing Pb uptake in shoot, but (especially compost) decreasing Pb uptake in root.  Mendong plant has highly ability in uptaking  soil Pb, so could decrease soil Pb, and effective as the phytoremediator. NPK fertilizer increasing plant growth so they  could increase Pb uptaken by plant. The highest Pb uptake was in treatment combination of P1K0T1  : 80,916 µg, followed by P1K1T1  : 76,363 µg. The highest decreased  of soil Pb (42,41%) was found in treatment combination of P0K2T1.


Phytoremediation; Pb; Fimbristylis sp,; Agrobacterium sp I3; Compost



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